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How We Work

We honor all our clients and make every effort to minimize the nerves they lose and the time they spend. Our work with you begins with signing a contract, defining all terms and conditions as well as work completion schedule and ends with a beautiful proto session of the ready interior and a tea party.

Stages of our work on the project:

  1. Getting acquainted and defining the style of future interior design.
  2. Layout approval (with 2-3 options provided).
  3. Visual display of images.
  4. Delivery of a complete sketchbook.

If you order designer supervision, we will:

  • control compliance of the construction works with the project design;
  • provide selection of allfinishing materials, furniture, light fixtures, and sanitary equipment;
  • take the responsibility for organizing purchase and delivery of all finishing materials, furniture, light fixtures, and sanitary equipment;
  • get engaged in dialogue with all contractors, discuss and approve all necessary details;
  • make the required corrections in sketches after assembling and disassembling operations, leveling walls, floors, ceilings;
  • decorate premises after completion of the renovation works.

To provide designer supervision, our architect makes at least 6 visits per month (to the site and to stores to select the materials needed).